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Backyard ice skating rinks

Home Rinks are the at home "do it yourself" backyard ice skating rinks.

Create memories to last a lifetime!

Learn to skate right in
your own backyard!

Practice hockey
drills at home!

Have ice skating parties
with your friends!

Fun for the kids and fun
for the entire family!

Your complete backyard
rink is in the box!

Available in standard sizes
or ask about Custom Rinks

A Home Rink can take us back to our days as a kid skating on ponds or frozen yards. Just imagine as your little ones bundle up and walk out to their very own Home Rink outside in your backyard. You will enjoy looking out your window and watching them have fun for hours at a time skating and playing on your backyard rink.
Maybe you have a figure skater that wants to practice their toe pick jumps, their rotations or their landing. Or maybe you have a hockey player that needs to work on their one on one move or their wrist and snap shots. Whatever the scenario, having your own backyard skating rink will likely make your skater a better one and your hockey player’s skills will increase dramatically not to mention the fun and enjoyment the whole family will have.
Available in standard and custom sizes. Submit you backyard ice rink size request for a custom quote.

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