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1. I would like to post a camp ad. How do I start?

To start posting camp ads, you will need to register. Once you are registered and logged on, you may start posting camp ads. When you are logged into the system, your name is displayed at the left corner of the top navigation bar.

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2. I do not see the appropriate category or subcategory to post my camp ad under.

If you cannot find appropriate category to post your camp ad under, please let us know and we will consider a new category to fit your needs.

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3.  I have posted my camp ad under wrong category by mistake. Can I change the category?

A camp ad can be moved into a different category by site administrator. Please let us know if you would like to move your ad.

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4.  I have attached a wrong picture to my camp ad. Can I change it?

Yes, you can change the image. If you have not submitted the ad yet, then on the final ad submission form click "Remove" below the picture thumbnail and then click "Ad Images". If you have submitted the ad, you can still change the image. Open your camp ad in full view and within the "Status" area at the bottom click "Images" link. You will be directed to the image replacement/addition page.

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5.  I forgot my password. How can I retrieve it?

If you forgot your password, we will send you a temporary replacement password. Click "I forgot my password" at the logon page, enter the email, which your registered at our board and click "email My Password". Check your email for the temporary password we sent you. Once you logon to your account with a new password, make sure to change it by clicking "Update Account" link at the top navigation bar.

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6.  Can I change my email, password or name?

You may change your profile information at any time. However if you change your email, we will need to verify it. The procedure is the same as when you first registered.

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7.  I wonder if my email will be added to different lists and used inappropriately for spam.

Your email address will not be sold or passed to any lists. If you choose to participate in our list, you may occasionally receive emails concerning changes in our policies, upgrades or information concerning your account.

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8.  Can I extend the duration of my listings before expiration or change my camp ad content?

Yes. You may change the ad duration and content of your ad at any time. To change the content of the ad at any time click "Edit" link at the full ad view page or from your camp ads list when you click "My Ads".

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9.  My camp is completely booked. Can I remove my camp ad completely?

Yes, you can delete your camp ad using "Delete" link while viewing your ad in full format or from the list of your ads while you click "My Ads" link. Note: you must be logged on to your account before changing or deleting your ads. You may also temporary disable your ad by clicking "Disable" link at full ad view page. The ad will be removed from the list, but remain in database. You can view your disabled ad by logging to the system, clicking "My Ads". You can enable disabled ad by clicking "Enable" full ad view page. Once you have opened your ad in full view, you may always determine the status of your ad by looking at "Status" bar at the bottom of the page. Appropriate links to edit, delete, disable, change images of your ad are located next to the status indicator.

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10.  My camp ad has expired and has been taken offline. How can I resubmit it?

You may resubmit your camp ad after it has expired. Logon to the board, click My Ads, find your ad in the list and click "Repost".

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11.  I would like to submit a banner to display on your site. What should I do?

To submit a banner, you will need to create regular user account with us. Once your email Address verified and you have logged on, click on Advertise at the bottom and follow the instructions to submit your banner.

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12.  I have my banner displaying on your site. Can I see the daily statistics?

Statistics are available for the Top Banner type.. Log into the system click Advertise at the bottom and then See Rotator Statistics. All sites associated with your account will be listed. You may click on "Statistics" to view the daily impressions and clicks for your banner as well as the date of expiration or number of impressions left in your advertisement campaign with us.

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13.  My question is not listed. Can I contact you?

Please use our online contact form to send us your inquiry.

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