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A free service from American Hockey Center where hockey coaches and team managers can network together to arrange exhibition games and scrimmages with other teams on their open dates. Searchable by level of play and location.

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Tips To Find Exhibition Hockey Games and Scrimmages

Hockey Games categories are by country, gender and age. Categories are arranged by country (USA or Canada), gender, and adult or youth. Each category includes a sub category for every state or province.
Use our advanced search to find an appropriate hockey game. When using the Advanced Search, choose a category from the drop down menu. Then, for results only in a specific location, check "Display Categories Tree" and choose a state or province. Using the categories and sub categories in a search will narrow search results by location (state or province) and additional search fields for the chosen classification are also provided.
Find information and maps for hockey rinks in the USA. Use the Rink Maps program to get detailed information about hockey rinks in the United States. The information provided includes names, addresses, phone number, maps, driving directions, nearby hotels and restaurants, and links to arena Websites.
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Receive notification of new open dates listings. If there are no search results for the criteria used, you can Create an Email Alert and you will be notified when an appropriate open date is posted.
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Tips To Post Your Open Dates and Team Information

Enter detailed description of your hockey team. Make your team description detailed (city, state, classification, association name, etc.) so that users who are looking for games will find your ad through Google and other search engines and our keyword search program. You are allowed up to 7,500 characters, so all details about your hockey team may be entered.
Attach some pictures for your hockey team. Attach pictures to your hockey games posting. Ads with attached images usually attract more attention. You can attach up to 5 pictures. Use your logo, arena pictures, pictures of local attractions, shots from previous games, etc. If you have online images, you may also provide a URL link to it during ad placement.
Note: An online image will not have a thumbnail view on the ad display page.
Submit your hockey team Web link. Be sure to provide the URL of your team or association Website so that our users can get even more details about your team by following that link in your ad.
Submit your hockey team Web link. Your ads will expire according to the "Expiration Time" selected when posting your available dates. There are 12 selections available in increments of 30 days (up to 360 days). Please select a time frame that will deactivate your ad in a timely manner so that our site users do not see out of date information. If you need to delete your ad early for any reason, simply logon, view the ad and click on "Disable" or "Delete". If you need to "Reactivate" an open date, you can do so for up to 30 days after expiration.
Users may reply to your ad through our system. We do not ask for user email addresses when posting ads because spammers have programs which spider through web pages, looking for email addresses, e.g. email addresses contained in mailto: HTML tags (those you can click on and get a mail window opened). If you want to provide an email address, please put it in the ad description (it will not be clickable). There is also a "Reply" feature for every ad, so if a user has questions, they can submit them through our system and you will be notified. To view your ad replies online, log into the system and click on the "Replies" link.
Posted On: Team Name: Picture:
2/7/2012  Nutley-Clifton PeeWee
8/10/2011  CHC Bantam B
10/30/2010  Gold Coast Admirals Bantam Gold
10/30/2010  Gold Coast Admirals Gold
10/30/2010  Gold Coast Admirals Bantam Gold
10/27/2010  Gold Coast Admirals PeeWee Gold
10/22/2010  Admirals Bantam Navy
10/22/2010  Admirals Bantam Navy
10/22/2010  Admirals Bantam Navy
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